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Sub - Regional Collaboration

Town of Morinville is situated in a position where it has the ability to collaborate with partners within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region as well as other municipalities within Sturgeon County. 

Faced with a revenue issue it is imperative that Morinville enhance it's ability to collaborate sub-regionally to find cost savings and efficiencies.    

Creating streamlined, coordinated and enhanced access to services by identifying regional needs, gaps and opportunities.  

Attract Value - Added Industry

Town of Morinville needs to explore new ways to increase cash flow that seek to relieve the burden of consistent tax increases on residents.

Targeting growth and approaching niche markets allow Morinville to maintain it's small town feel while increasing it's revenue stream. 

With Morinville's proximity to major highways, rail ways and airports we have the unique opportunity to proactively collaborate within the Regional Agricultural Master Plan and position ourselves as a prime location for agricultural industry. 

Volunteerism and Community Engagement

A municipality that successfully engages its community and volunteers can affect the well being of its residents in a meaningful way.  Taking a collaborative approach can create value and promote a more inclusive Morinville.

Empowering community to feel valued and engaged is key in creating a home that is inclusive and enjoyable to all who reside within it and ensures they are inherently connected.

Creating a standardized approach to engaging volunteers, creating ways to for them to engage in the civic process and ensuring that volunteers are celebrated and heard.