About Me

Eleven years ago, my husband Derek and I made the decision to move from Edmonton to Morinville to raise a family in a community of neighbours.  It was our priority to live in a town that put its residents first. Originally with a career in banking and finance, I put my career on hold to focus on raising our 3 children: Charlotte, Blake, and Adam.   It is in this wonderful town that I quickly gained a sense of purpose, understanding the value of community engagement and knowing my contributions can help shape Morinville into a place for my family to thrive.  I have formed a strong bond with this community and knew very early on that my purpose would be to serve the community I came to love.   

Starting out by volunteering and sitting on School Council and School Advisory boards, I understood the value of volunteerism and connecting with others in my community.  Learning and collaborating with residents of Morinville proved exceptionally rewarding, and I wanted to expand my contribution to our community further. It was in 2016 that I brought the storm pond odour issue experienced by the residents of my neighbourhood to town council.  A daunting process, but with it came success and a willingness of Council and Administration to attempt to rectify the issue.

Encouraged by this process I decided that running for Town Council would be my goal.  

To effectively represent my community, it was crucial that I learn more about how municipal government operates, both from an administrative and governance standpoint.  I made it a goal to become as active on a municipal level as I could before running for office.

  • Town of Morinville Library Board – Chair

  • Municipal Planning Commission – Chair

  • Northern Lights Library System – Executive Board & Policy Committee

  • Community Services Advisory Committee – Chair

  • Ecole Morinville Public School Council – Chair 

  • Four Winds Public School Council – Chair 

  • Alberta Library Trustees Association – President 


Through my experiences I have learned what it takes to bring people together to build a thriving community.

As an action-oriented person with an exemplary track record for serving the community, I will come to a council role with a passion for working with other leaders and an ability to govern with confidence.  I have a great understanding of the important roles between governors and administration and know the importance of acting as an employer.  I am well versed in my experience with creating policy and following procedural bylaws and fiscal management.  This is a role that I have spent six years preparing for and I will commit my full attention and dedication to it.  It would be a privilege to represent the residents of the Town of Morinville for the next four years.


  It is time to empower the residents of Morinville so we can move forward and advance growth together.